APS Systems, Inc. is a "Minority Owned Business" certified by the State of Texas, founded in 1998, with the sole purpose of providing cutting-edge IT solutions and resources to companies and catapult them towards achieving greater success. We provide software development services at our own facilities and/or at the client’s premises. We offer a large pool of certified programmers, developers, engineers, skilled project managers and technical consultants, all of who are skilled in legacy and evolving platforms, tool sets and languages. This large resource pool can assist our clients in their mission critical projects and to manage their technological growth in an optimal and cost effective way. APS Systems has the managerial and technical experience and skills to undertake turn-key software development projects. These include life cycle support for new application development, reengineering and migration of existing applications, on-going maintenance of systems, web-based application development as well as e-business solutions.

APS Systems’ state-of-the-art technical expertise and extensive business experience enables it to take a holistic approach and understand your business and your needs thoroughly. You get a solution engineered based on this approach and understanding arrived at, in consultation with your team.